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Green Initiative
At Quality Computers we are green conscious. We have developed and patented green technology for the past five years. Our custom systems start off using 26 Watts of electricity and we have other systems that use even less. Our external packaging for our new computers are using less than half of the material than they used before. We have even gotten most of our suppliers to ship and pack using 100% products.

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Small Business Solutions
Quality Computer Systems Inc. has been providing customized Small Business solutions since 1989. We have a full and experienced IT Department. We hold Multiple Patents on our technology designs.

Whether you are looking to outsource your IT department or looking for a new hardware solution, or even need to borrow an extra head to troubleshoot a larger issue, we have a solution for you.

Quality Computer is the IT department for over 100 Small Businesses in Middle Georgia. We provide Tech Support and New Systems. The tech support options can range from remote controlling a system, to carry-in, to on-site service with a tech coming out to your business. We can help you all the way through your business from planning where network drops should be for a new building to adding a single system to a current network.

Enterprise Solutions
Quality Computer Systems Inc. has been providing customized Enterprise solutions since 1989. We have a full and experienced IT Department. We hold Multiple Patents on our technology designs. We even have the ability to setup asset tracking.

Whether you are looking to outsource your IT department or looking for a new hardware solution, or even need to borrow an extra head to troubleshoot a larger issue, we have a solution for you.

Quality Computer has built Data Centers for Hospitals with multiple locations. We have designed and built computers to be hidden in carts for manufacturing businesses. Colleges depend on our custom systems. Many financials depend on our security solutions.

Quality Care Suite
The Quality Care Suite provides computer security and technical assistance for the home and small business user. You might be asking yourself what will this suite do for me. Or what’s really the difference between Quality Care Suite and other programs that offer computer security? The answer is simple, we have certified technicians that provide advice, remote assistance and perform security updates and virus scans. If you have had issues with a computer in the past or ever said “I really don’t know anything about computers.” Then Quality Care Suite is what you unknowingly wished a company would develop to help you through the issue almost instantly.

This suite provides the following:

1.Proactive Tech Support - A certified technician monitors error logs on your system and is proactively informed about any problems you have with the system and repairs them before YOU see a problem.

2.Truly Secure Offsite Backup - Truly Secure Offsite Backup, Your information is backed up to two geographic locations that are SAS70 compliant. We have made the backup process as simple as copy and paste the files you would like backed up into a designated folder.

3.Tech Monitored Antivirus - A quality computer technician monitors your AV software, included with Quality Care Suite, to keep it up to date and to help you remove viruses and spyware correctly and quickly.

4.Weekly Maintenance - We proactively perform weekly maintenance to head off problems before you even know they are there.

5.Security Monitoring - Hourly we make sure your system is as secure as it can be on the internet.

6.Remote Support - When needed, we can log into your system so that we can help you with a problem or show you how to do something new.

7.Priority Carry-In Service - When you do need to bring your system for a repair or upgrade your system will be back to you FAST!!! This service allows you to be next in line every time.

8.Theft Recovery - We are able to provide the police with the information needed to pinpoint the address your computer is currently located.

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Custom Desktop Computers
All New Quality Computers come with our award winning service.

•Lifetime Phone Support
•Minimum 1 Year In-Store Warranty
•Macon Based Phone Support
•Reduced Labor Rate
•FREE Microsoft Word and Excel

Please Visit our store at 2940 Riverside Dr. in Macon or now online at http://QCS.ME

Case Options
Some businesses have some very specialized needs. To fit these needs we build computers from a pico size (3"x4"x1.5") to full size high airflow systems. Call of come in for us to build a system to meet your needs.

How Important Is Your Data?

A company's database usually holds records, contracts and even customer information as well as employees. Not only that, but many businesses are dependent on the database to automate their daily work process and their accounts receivable.

If the information is lost without any backup's present, daily routine is disrupted. This is because there is no way to keep track of customer records, quotations, contracts and more. Many man hours will be wasted on recreating the database IF there are still physical records being kept.

Also, if customers know of the data loss, they lose confidence in the company and will sooner patronize their competitors. This is a recipe for disaster as you not only lose a customer, but also help your competitors.

Customers are one thing, what about your business partners? Will they still have confidence in a partner who loses data and are not able to recover from it?

Ultimately, all this leads to business closure.

This is why on every system we build we use a vertical data layered hard drive. Their failure rate is a quarter of a traditional hard drive. The data is stored vertically so it is built stronger on the platter. It can withstand physical movement and even small surges better. There is no reason to lose data if you have better storage and a good backup.

We also provide advance data recovery with a recovery rate of over 85%.

The Quality Computer Systems MII computer uses our patented design offering the highest speeds while requiring minimal space. This device has also been nationally recognized due to its requirement of less than 26 Watts of electricity.

The MII can be manufactured in many different configurations. Some if the popular options are PCMCIA slots, Wireless, Compact Flash, or even Triple Monitor output.

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We Specialize In:

  • Computer Repairs
  • Wireless Networking
  • Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Repairs

Finding a Macon Computer Repair Service you can Trust

We've all seen it before, the blue screen of death or even worse we press the power button only to get a series of beeps and then nothing. Computers can be very useful tools when they’re working correctly or extremely frustrating when they’re not. Our computers need routine maintenance to perform at their peak but no matter how well you take care of your computer, it can still break down. If you manage a company or have a home office you know how computer problems can affect productivity and ultimately your profits.

Even if you’re reasonably computer savvy you may reach a point where you have no choice but to call a professional Macon computer repair technician for help. Computer repair has become a popular and profitable start up business and there are so many companies and individuals claiming to be the best. So, as a consumer how do you know which computer repair businesses are really qualified? You’ll need to do some research to find the right Macon computer repair service for your specific needs.

Macon Computer Repair: On Site or in the Shop

When you’re looking for a Macon computer repair shop, start by searching for one that offers on site repair. You don’t want to take your computer out to a shop and wait days or sometimes even weeks to get it back if you need it up and running right away. With onsite computer repair becoming the norm you can often have your computer back in service in just a few hours or less. You'll surely find Quality Computer Systems Inc. to be your best option.

Obviously there will be times when the problem is beyond the scope of an onsite call and the computer will have to be taken to the shop for repairs. If you run a small business you may have all your data on the hard drive. Despite the fact that we all know we should regularly back up our data, many of us don’t. We just don’t expect our computer to crash. But if it does, it can be a little scary to put your computer in the hands of someone you don’t know. It’s important to find a Macon computer repair company that is going to be reliable at protecting the data on your hard drive as well as your privacy.

If your computer does have to head to the shop for repairs ask the Macon computer repair service what kind of turnaround time they have. Some computer repair shops can take as long as two to three weeks to get your computer back to you. We don't. You really shouldn’t have to wait more than a day or two, and most jobs will only take a few hours. A Macon computer repair company may have to send your computer back to the manufacturer for repairs or to have specific parts replaced. Ask if your computer can be repaired in the shop or if it will need to be sent back to the manufacturer. This can make a significan't difference in how long it takes for you to get your computer back. If you can’t be without your computer for a few days you may need to shop around.

Macon Computer Repair: Reliable Service and Reasonable Rates

Find out if the Macon computer repair company technicians are certified to work on your make of computer. If a computer repair service is going to be any good at what they do they need to be qualified to solve even the most difficult repair problems. Most computer manufacturers offer special certification programs for their specific computers. Certification won’t guarantee that the Macon computer repair technician can fix your computer but it’s usually a good indication that they have spent the time to learn their trade and probably know what they’re doing.

Ask about rates. A Macon computer repair service will usually charge by the hour but a few may charge by the job. Look for a company that will give you an accurate quote before they begin the work. If they need to take your computer in for repairs ask the technician to call you for approval on any work that is going to increase their initial estimate. Ask if there is a call out fee or diagnostic charge. Some Macon computer repair services may charge a fee for making a house call or checking out your computer whether they can repair it or not.

Ask the Macon computer repair company what their policy is if they can’t fix your computer. Of course it would seem logical that you shouldn’t be charged if the technician can’t fix your computer, but many companies will still charge you for their time and effort so this may be a feature you’ll want to ask about up front.

Macon Computer Repair Guarantee

Is there a guarantee on the work performed by the Macon computer repair service? Be sure you get a guarantee on the work that was done. If your computer still isn’t working right or it breaks down shortly after you get it back then you’re not only going to be out a lot of money but your computer still won’t be functioning. Some computer repair companies will offer a limited 30 to 90 day guarantee on their services but some will actually guarantee their work for as long as 6 months. Some of the manufacturers of computer parts will provide additional guarantees.

So if your computer begins behaving badly by running slow, freezing up, throwing error messages at you or simply refusing to come on, it may be time to look for a qualified Macon computer repair service. You may need to spend a little time but if you find a reliable repair company it’s going to be a very important aspect in getting your computer functioning properly again. Most Macon computer repair companies are professionals and good at what they do. Finding one you can trust to do the job right can prove to be invaluable to the health of your computer.

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